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Zhongying Fund Promoting “Beautiful Hainan Project”
Release time:2016-04-28


On April 27th, Chairman Sun Hongliang of Zhongying Fund, Chairman Hongkong Zhou Anqiao of Hongkong Wharf Group, and the main leaders of Sanya municipal government hold the business talks to promote the “Beautiful Hainan Project”.

During the meeting, the main leader of Sanya municipal government introduces the “Beautiful Hainan Project” to the Chairman Sun and Chairman Zhou. The project will focus on building the 100 industry development characteristics small town and the 1000 unique charm beautiful countryside village, from point to line, from line to surface and radiation to the surrounding towns and villages, in order to achieve the appropriate industry livable beautiful village tour.

Chairman Sun and Chairman Zhou look optimistic to the development of of Sanya City and express to actively participate in the economic construction of Sanya city, planning for an investment of 50 billion RMB to the “beautiful Hainan Project”, with the existing promising policy to build a green energy complex with high-end commercial, international schools and international medical combination.

During the talks, each party in the meeting conducts a deeply discussions on the details of the project cooperation, expressing further pushing the strategic partnership, to achieve the greater development.


During the Business Meeting